Thursday, July 2, 2009

First Harvest of the Year.

I pulled a deep off each of two hives today, and extracted twenty frames of honey resulting in eight gallons and one pint of honey. I sieved it all out and bottled it which resulted in 37 pints and 16 quarts of honey.

So I'm gonna sell it and buy some more equipment so I can extract and bottle faster and easier and without making so much of a mess.

Current prices are as follows: one pint will sell for $6 and one quart will sell for $10. If you'd like to buy in larger quantities, I can make deals. This stuff may go fast, I've already got several quarts and pints reserved and I just finished an hour ago, so get yours soon.

The new equipment I want to buy will help me get this stuff done a lot quicker. My four frame tangential extractor is very slow, and a little messy. I plan to replace it with a nine frame radial extractor from Mann Lake Ltd. The current extractor tends to bow the comb out and break it a bit, and I'd rather not do it that way. Radials are easier to work with, but also cost a bit more, of course, every thing that's larger costs more. I'd also like to get an electric uncapping knife. I currently have a capping scratcher which is very messy and tears up the comb pretty bad. Also, a lot of cappings and pieces of junk end up in the sieve which after a certain point slow it down quite a bit. To catch the cappings cut from the comb with the knife, they have this tub strainer thing that I want to get too. But until I get loaded with money, I need more boxes and frames.

After six years, I've finally started getting some good honey, and it makes me very happy.

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