Saturday, January 22, 2011


The hives are now out of the woods, so to speak.

They were back in the trees for several years, mostly to hide them, but I am very tired of the chigger bites, so I moved them out into the open.  It should make for great photos now as they are in a group, spaced about 8 feet apart in a grid.

Went into the winter with eight hives, still have six of them.  One I lost was a split from last year, one was a purchased nuc from last year.  Both caught swarms from last year are alive, as are the two bought nucs and the four year old bought nuc.

This year I'm planning on buying some queens from Zia Queenbees.  I am going to purchase two each from their two locations, one in the Rockies and one in Michigan.  I'm hoping to bring in the ability to survive the winter better as these Georgia bees aren't quite so good at it.  Also hoping to catch swarms, I'll make up my bait boxes again and spread them further around.

Honey prices shouldn't change, and true to the trend, I should have more honey this year than last year.  Last year was over 13 gallons.

Call me if you see swarms!

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