Sunday, July 13, 2014

Treatment-Free Beekeeping Podcast - Episode 1

In this first episode, I answer a couple questions submitted by users of the Facebook Group.


  1. Hi Solomon,

    If my goal is to get to full "treatment free", how many hives/nucs do you recommend to begin winter with? I have 6 now and am concerned I might not have enough. I had 100% losses last year for two hives. I'm only second-year so not very experienced. Based on last winter's experience, I'll be happy with 1-2 survivors although I'd prefer more. 5 of the 6 hives appear pretty strong to me today. One is very small cluster and not growing much. I expect the fall flow to begin in a couple weeks.


    1. Great question, will be addressed in the upcoming Episode 4 of the podcast.