Thursday, January 22, 2009

Parker Farm Products

At this point, Parker Farms consists of one product., honey. I sold out all my honey from last year. So at this point, I have nothing to sell, though I hope to be able to sell some honey later in the year.

Last year's honey was excellent. It was the best I've ever tasted and I'm not saying that to try to sell it. It was really awesome. I've seeded my property with clover so the bees always have access to that, but there is also a peach tree in my neighbor's yard. When the peaches fall and rot, the bees collect the sweet juice. This gives the honey a kind of a hint of peach wine (not fermented of course, honey doesn't ferment.) At least that's what happened last year. It was excellent honey, very light in flavor, texture and consistency, and everyone who tasted it loved it.

I'll be offering honey if I get any again this year. I will be focusing on building up hive numbers so honey production may be low overall. However, with constant supply of nectar, and fast growing bees, we might have some of the good stuff.

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