Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome to Parker Farms

This is a start up blog in which you can follow along with the stuff I'm doing. I encourage you to add your ideas, or comment on mine.

I started beekeeping in 2003, I started with 20 3 lbs packages from Koehnen's in Northern California. They have been kept completely chemical free (including the non-poisonous kinds.) They have been kept on 4.9mm foundation for the entire run except some aquired along the way who are still in transition.

I practice what is known as unlimited broodnest management, more or less like Dee Lusby in Tucson AZ. She has been my inspiration for most of my beekeeping ideas.

I am building a double wide hive currently. The idea is borrowed from BWrangler, he calls it a long combo hive. Check out his site. The hive consists of a single bottom hive body that is twice as wide as normal upon which is stacked supers. This is a completely new idea for me this year, keep watching for updates.

This is my farm, this is my business, I am a college student so bear with me as I get this blog going and attempt to escalate and expand my business this year.

See ya round.
Sol Parker

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