Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Website!

I haven't been posting anything for the past week or so because I have been hard at work building my new website.  Writing multiple 5-7 page articles, formatting and editing them in HTML, and then uploading and fine-tuning them takes a lot of time.

Here it is: 

This blog is still linked there, and they are meant to be a pair.  The blog is for updates and new information, the website is more for long term book-like information and to sell stuff.

Right now, the bees aren't doing much.  I've downsized the home yard as I came to realize just how many too many bees I had here at home.  I've already moved four out and am getting ready to move another four as soon as the arrangements can be made.  I'm going to limit the home yard to about 9 plus a few nucs.  This seems to be a particularly dry year, though we got 0.11" rain yesterday, it doesn't make much difference.  You can see how dry the grass is in the picture above.  It's kind of amazing if you scroll down and see the pictures of how green it was a few short months ago.  I haven't had to mow but three or four times this whole year.

I just went for a walk and discovered about the only thing of any substance blooming right now.

The bull thistles are out and the black swallowtails with their long proboscises are well suited for them.  See if you can count the butterflies.  I saw some bees on there too, but they have to work a little harder.

Please leave comments, I enjoy constructive feedback and questions.

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