Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ed Levi - Continuing Travels

Ed does a talk every year about his travels.  He travels the world consulting with NGOs about expanding beekeeping in mostly third world countries.  Again I can't do it justice here because it's mostly pictures, but there were a couple very interesting points. 

Our modern high production methods of producing honey and bee products have not yet reached many of these places.  They tend to have been in traditional methods, robbing and destroying hives to get the honey and drastically reducing production possibilities. 

These methods self select for bees that produce as little honey as possible, swarm constantly and are mean even though the African bees they were talking about were not particularly mean at all.  That was Ethiopia. 

Next he talked about Ukraine.  He was a consultant for Heifer Project International, an NGO which I use to give beehives to people in the third world. 

The most interesting thing about the next trips is that he took some beekeepers to visit a beekeeping village and they thought the whole thing was a front, a fake put on as propaganda.  They did grow up under the USSR so I guess that can be forgiven for the time being.

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