Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ed Levi - Bee Informed Partnership - NEOBA Big Bee Buzz

Ed was disappionted in the survey returns from last year from Okahoma.  Not many people participated.  [I participated and posted in several places encouraging other people to participate too.]

Very large losses this winter.  [I concur.}

Any state that has 300 participants will get its own set of statistics.

However, he was using the statistics incorrectly, saying that if you used a certain product, you'd get a certain result.  That's fundamentally incorrect.  You can only say what happened, not what will happen.  This is especially important when looking at the range of results, not just the average of the results.  You could use any or every treatment and lose all your bees but you would not appear in the results because you'd fall outside the statistical variation and therefore would not be included in the range of responses.  You'd still affect the average, but not much in a survey of thousands of beekeepers.

All the information is on the website, please do take the survey, and look at the results.

Iowa thinks they lost 80% this year.

At the end of the prpesentation, Ed played Marla Spivak's TED talk which I will embed in this space when I get the opportunity.

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