Friday, March 28, 2014

Jim Tew, The Stressed Bee Nest, Big Bee Buzz

We have a high benchmark for today's bees.  We keep comparing to a world that doesn't exist anymore and won't exist again.

We cannot sustain such a high loss rate as we're having.

 Mr. Tew went through a number of aspects of how our hives are artificial approximations of natural hive construction and dynamics.

Everything we do has an effect.

Hives are usually high giving them opportunity to get rid of detritus.  We keep hives with entrances at ground level.

A colony surviving in perpetuity is our idea not the bees'.

Bees resist domestication.  [I say they are not domesticated, just slightly controlled.  Too much domestication is badly detrimental.]

The modern hive is for us, not for the bees.  Have we selected for bees that can only live in modern hives?

Insulation can work against you, will keep the coldness in the hive at times.  Wintering help died during the early '60s.

Hives are not close in the wild.  They hate each other.

Frost in the hive proves that bees only heat the cluster.

You are their primary problem.  Those bees hate you.

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