Friday, March 22, 2013

Ed Levi, How I don't medicate my bees

Ed Levi is a retired Arkansas State Bee Inspector.  He's a yearly fixture at the Big Bee Buzz and he always has great talks with lots of good information and great slide shows. 

He started this evening's presentation by explaining how he doesn't treat his bees.  He just doesn't.  As a veteran beekeeper, he had a lot to say about the chemicals and their effects.  He is a user of the very soft and mechanical methods.  He takes a softer style IPM approach.He keeps track of his mite levels but he's not a hard Bond method beekeeeper.  The Bond style refers to the "live and let die" sort of philosophy that I subscribe to.Compared to my methods, he is much more active, giving the bees much more help.  He replaces his queens once a year.  His losses are quite good, this year less than 8%.

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